Frequently Asked Questions
1. Does Musli power X-tra equally help both men and women?

Yes, Musli Power X-tra's unique formulation is based on the human physiology and sexual health. Therefore,it is equally good for men and women.

2. How does this pill help men?

Musli Power X-tra will help men in getting rid of the erectile problems gradually. It cures premature ejaculation, prolongs the performance, enhances sex drive, increases the stamina, and helps to attain multiple orgasms.

3. How does this capsule help women?

Frigidity will disappear gradually in women after taking this pill. Stamina and sexual desire will increase substantially. FSAD(female sexual arousal disorder) will also be cured. Vaginal dryness will be solved and sufficient lubrication will be provided for women even after menopause. You will regain the sensation and sensitivity in the genital area. Time for getting sexual arousal will be reduced substantially. Sex drive will make you co-operate with your partner and make the sexual act really enjoyable.

4. Will it improve the general well being of a person?

Yes it will

5. Does this capsule help a diabetic patient?

A diabetic patient can use these capsules .Medical trials have shown that diabetes is considerably reduced after the use of this capsule.

6. Can a high BP patient use the capsules?

Yes. The capsules will not increase the blood pressure.BP patient should consult a doctor before getting into a sexual act for other reasons

7. Does this capsule have any side effects?

No.There are no known side effects as the product is purely natural. All the herbs are cultivated using bio organic cultivation methods. The containers are bio degradable and the contents in the bottle are protected very well to get a shelf life of more than two years.

8. How long should a person take the capsules?

To get the best result , one can use the capsules without break for 45 days.

9. How long will the effect last?

The effect will last for many months or years, if you lead a healthy life.

10. Can men and women of any age use the capsules?

Men and women from 18-80 years can use this capsule. Men and women can start using this capsule 45 days before the marriage. After marriage, if you face problems in your sexual life you can start using this.

11. How can I buy this capsule?

You can buy the product from nearby medical shop or you can get throuigh VPP or courier

12. Does this product help in enhancing the fertility in men and women?

Research on this capsules have shown that this capsule also helps in increasing the sperm count in men, and in women it enhances the ovum production and improves the uterine environment.

13.Will this capsule affect the menstrual periods in women?

No.In fact it helps to regulate the menstrual cycle.

14.Can a person take this capsule along with alcohol or while smoking?

It will decrease the efficiency of the capsule

15.Does this capsule contain any steroids?


16. Is it a pure herbal medicine?

Yes, it is pure herbal medicine.

17. What are the physical conditions that affect the efficiency of this capsule?

Over weight, Hypercholestesterimio, Diabetes, Prostate Problem, Alhero secterosis etc are the abnormal condition which will affect the efficacOAGESon never keeps a man to stay longer. Nitric oxide is that much essentials for both men and women. The ingredients mentioned below are famed for the combination required to last longer in bed.

- Tribulus(Herbal Extract seen in Musli Power Xtra) increase testosterone level and makes horny during sexual intercourse
- Shilajith (Herbal Extract seen in Musli Power Xtra) can increase safety to human body and improve good physical strength
- Muringa (Herbal Extract seen in Musli Power Xtra) good for heart problems and improves blood circulation to penis. This herbal extract is famed for curing premature ejaculation also.
- Aswagandha (Herbal Extract seen in Musli Power Xtra) is a very good ingredient for increased sexual drive and increased sperm count

Musli Power Xtra is a combination of potent herbs and has proven records for increasing sexual libido and helps you to last longer in bed. Musli Power Xtra is having all good stuffings required for increased sexual stamina and liveliness for both men and women