Reasons Why Musli Power X-tra is Unbeatable ?
  1. 5000 acre own organic cultivation of all herbs.
  2. US FDA grade manufacturing facility
  3. Automated Capacity of 1 lakh capsules an hour
  4. Patented as a Medicinal Invention
  5. Ayush approved own analytical lab
  6. Each batch tested for efficacy & purity
  7. Follows WHO & GMP norms
  8. ISO 9001:2008 certified
  9. 100% safe as fully Ayurvedic
  10. Over 10 million customers
The Salient Features of MUSLI POWER X-TRA
  • Helps in Getting Better Erections
  • Increases Sperm Volume
  • It Works for Both Men and Women
  • Helps in Achieving Multiple Orgasms
  • Improves the Semen Quality
  • Solves Premature Ejaculation
  • Solves Erectile Dysfunction
  • Solves Impotence
  • Improves the General Wellbeing and Vitality
  • Helps you Last Longer in Bed During Sex
  • Equally Good for Male and Female
  • 10 million Satisfied Customers All Over the World.
  • 100% Effective and Herbal
  • No Side Effects
  • Increases sperm count
In the field of natural products, musli power xtra is a name to be reckoned with. It is a pioneer in the research, devel opment and manufacture of efficient ayurvedic medicines and food supplements.
MUSLI POWER X-TRA is a unique formulation of potent herbs wherein you will find superb quality extracts of the worlds most exotic herbs. This formulation is known for enhancing the libido of both men and women and thus helps in bridging the emotional and physical gaps between them.

You can make your first sexual intercourse with your partner a memorable one if you use MUSLI POWER X-TRA. It is a known fact that performance anxiety can spoil the first sexual intercourse of your life. However, you can have a blind faith in this formulation as you are sure to achieve the ultimate climax or the height of sexual bliss if you use the same on the first sexual attempt itself. It acts as a cementing force between you and your lover and you are sure to get a new lease of life after using this effective formulation
What are the sexual challenges faced by men?
• Erectile dysfunction or impotence- Both psychological and physical reasons may be behind this sexual problem.
• Premature ejaculation-If a man ejaculates before or during penetration in 50% or more sexual intercourses than he is said to suffer from the same.
• Acquired inhibited sexual desire: The main reason behind this problem is frustration over the two above mentioned sexual problems.
• Stress and fatigue- Lack of stamina and inability to maintain erections can be the reason behind this.
What are the sexual challenges faced by women?
• Difficulty in achieving orgasm
• Dyspareunia. (Painful intercourse)
• Inhibited sexual desire.
• Vaginismus ( painful contraction of the vagina during sexual intercourse) • Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FASAD)-Inadequate lubrication
• Sexual aversion disorder
• Hypoactive sexual disorder-lack of sexual desire
• Other issues like, vaginal dryness, loss of sensation in the genitals and nipple and low blood pressure
Rekindle your sex life and bring forth the real woman in you
Marital bliss is almost synonymous to sexual bliss. Lack of proper sexual intercourse or inability to perform sex will create a gap between you and your partner. Trust MUSLI POWER X-TRA as it is known for bridging the gap between lovers. It will rejuvenate you and boost up your sex life like never before.
MUSLI POWER X-TRA helps women in getting extra lubrication and multiple orgasms. It will also give extra stamina that will ignite the sexual fire in her.
The three ‘S’ of MUSLI POWER X-TRA
This herbal formulation will give you the desired strength and stamina for achieving perfect sexual intercourse.The sexual satisfaction that you will get after taking this formulation will be something that will raise your relationship with your lover to a much higher level interactive than monotonous.